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Gay Olympic Medal Winning Boxer Dies

Toronto— Mark Leduc a gay Canadien who had won a Olympic silver medal in boxing has died.

Leduc, 47 was a former light welterweight boxer who was the unlikely silver medalist at the 1992 Barcelona. Leduc gained further notoriety when he came out as a gay man in 1994 in the TV documentary For the Love of the Game. Leduc remains one of the few boxers ever to do so. In 1999 Leduc served as a grand marshal of Toronto’s glbt pride parade.

The Toronto Star reports that Leduc died at St. Michael's Hospital Wednesday night after he was found unconscious in a local hotel sauna early Sunday morning. Doctors believe Leduc suffered a heat stroke that damaged his internal organs.

The Toronto native turned pro shortly after the 1992 Olympics and retired after winning the Canadian super lightweight championship in1993.

Since his retirement from professional boxing Leduc worked as a set-building specialist in Toront's film industry. Leduc had also become an active advocate for the gay community, speaking out in gay-rights documentaries such as 1994's For the Love of the Game and volunteering for the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation. —Staff

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