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Buffalo Gay & Lesbians Show Support For Gay Marriage

BUFFALO—150 people came out on a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon to show support for same-sex marriage and solidarity with gay and lesbian people in California.

The protest rally is was part of a larger effort to have similar events held in cities around the United States and Canada. The Buffalo event was organized by Kara DeFranco and publicized through the web site jointheimpact.com. The demonstrations are timed to coincide with protests across the country in opposition of Proposition 8 in California, which passed earlier this month banning gay marriage.

Protesters gathered at the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Bidwell Parkway with signs that advocated equality under state marriage laws for all people. The event began at 1:30pm and also featured remarks by local activist Kitty Lambert and New York State Assembly member Sam Hoyt.

In protest marches in California and around the nation protesters directed much of their protest to the actions of religious groups like the Catholic Church and The Church of Latter Day Saints, commonly know as Mormons. These two groups and their members are responsible for the bulk of the money that was raised to take the equal rights under California law away from gay and lesbians.

However, JointheImpact.com, asked supporters to be respectful and refrain from attacking other groups during the rallies. Unlike events around the country the Buffalo event did not occur at City Hall or other Government building. —Tim Moran

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