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Friday @ Hallwalls: She's A Boy I Knew

BUFFALO— She's A Boy I Knew, a 70-minute award-winning documentary, will be shown Friday, April 3rd at Hallwalls in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Ways in Being Gay.

She's A Boy I Knew, produced by Vancouver filmmaker Gwen Haworth, using interviews, family footage, phone messages and hand-drawn animation, Haworth's documentary She's a Boy I Knew begins in 2000 with then Steven Haworth's decision to come out to his family about his life-long female gender identity.

The 2007 film is full of emotionally-charged experiences that take place during the filmmakers transition from biological male to female, and the struggles and stakes that her sisters, mother, father, best friend and wife brought to the difficult transition.

Through these experiences, a wider scope is brought to light, begging viewers to take a closer look at the community's and our own assumptions about gender and sexuality. The film forces the audience to question assumptions about the role of names, clothing and anatomy, and their play in our constructions of gender identity.

The Boy That I Knew, 2007 Shapeshifter Films
Friday April 3, 8:00 p.m Hallwalls, 341 Delaware Avenue at Tupper. (716) 854-1694
Tickets are $7 for general admission, $5 for students and seniors, and $4 for members.

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