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2014 Colorful Sunny & Loud: Buffalo Gay Pride in Photos

BUFFALO— The 20th annual Buffalo Gay Pride Parade was loud, colorful and long but it was just what the crowd of 9,000 to 10,000 participants and spectators wanted as the weather was spectacular and the mood was celebratory.

The parade was marked for it was obvious that many of the groups made a real effort to create floats and marching units that were creative and colorful. On the downside it seemed that every local business short of Chico's Bail Bonds had a parade entry to cash in on free publicity. It distracted from the purpose of the occasion and made the event unnecessarily long.

After the parade the crowd dispersed to the Allen Street bars and restaurants while others sought transportation to the see RuPaul's drag winner Bianca del Rio host the Canalside stage at the Evergreen Association fundraiser under the Skyway.

Check Out the . OutcomeBuffalo.com Buffalo Pride 2014 Photo Gallery.

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