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Substance Matters: Hillary Clinton for President

We have looked at the candidates in the Democratic Presidential Primary. We liked Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Joe Biden and former Senator John Edwards. We took a hard look at the two candidates that remain. We know Hillary Clinton well. She has marched in the New York City pride parade. Spoken at glbt events and has supported our legislation. It is obvious that any of the above candidates and those two that remain would make a good choice for President.

We are fearful that Senator Barrack Obama would not be able to stand up to the scrutiny and mudsling of a general election campaign. We are fearful that any national security event that may occur between now and the November election would negate any chance Obama would have. Obama has no national security or foreign policy bona fides. He would look weak next to John McCain, the likely Republican nominee.

Senator Obama's pandering to religious anti-gay ministers is troubling. Obama states that he supports glbt civil rights but then organized and sponsored a campaign event in South Carolina. The event included several anti-gay speeches with one being delivered by anti-gay and allegedly ex-gay gospel singer Donnie McClurkin.

It is one thing to not talk about glbt issues or to want to forgo same-sex marriage in favor of civil unions, but to give a platform to people who wish to harm glbt people is wrong and proves that Senator Obama either needs experience or has bad judgment.

Senator Obama has not shown any willingness to share with the voters any substantive policy specifics. He will need to actually prove that "hope" and "change" are more than words if he is going to be helpful to us in preventing the Supreme Court from becoming entirely unreasonable.

Senator Obama needs to learn the issues and get to know the people of this country. He would be an attractive Vice-President and will only become a more compelling candidate when he is able to build the gravitas of a better prepared candidate.

Senator Obama has not been a strong debater and has shown a reluctance to talk issue specifics. Obama also has shown himself to be vulnerable to scrutiny. In the general election he will not be protected by the media's anti-Hillary point of view. John McCain will not politely over look youthful drug use. The general election is not bean bag. To elect a president to change our downward spiral we need to have a candidate with toughness.

Hillary Clinton brings to the race experience, brains and a real change to the state of our nation today. She has been a big part of the advance of glbt issues into our national dialog and has shown her support through words and actions. She has marched in gay pride parades, taken part in our public events and has a positive voting record.

Senator Clinton is also the toughest candidate still standing. She has taken every attack possible and she is still there willing to fight. Today, after eight years of "The Worst Case Scenerio" Presidency of George W. Bush we need a President who is on the side of Americans. •Tim Moran, Publisher

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