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It's A Hoax: Fake Anti-Gay Flyer Is Not From Railway Society

Buffalo — A flyer purporting that a presentation on railway history was being changed to a presentation titled "Chicks and Gays in the Engineer's Seat: An Invitation to a Disastrous Train Wreck" is a hoax.

"We have been dealing with this for the past two and a half to three years. It is a former or current member of the group that has some sort of vendetta or axe to grind with the Western New York Railway Historical Society (WNYRHS) and some of it's members." Said Joe Kocsis. President of the WNYRHS and the Heritage Discovery Center located at 100 Lee Street in Buffalo. New York.

The flyer had been mailed to many local media outlets appearing to be a promotion from the WNYRHS.

A flyer was designed and written to appear to be a promotion for a hate filled presentation by Devon Lawton in response to the recent Amtrak train derailment. The engineer of that train has been described by various national media groups as being an openly gay man. The flyer besically questioned the ability of black, female and gay people's ability to work on railroad equipment.

Kocsis added that "We have collected all the materials that appear to be coming from this individual to smear and slander the WNYRHS and are working with law enforcement authorities to positively identify and prosecute this individual."

The presentation that Devan Lawton has planned and will actually give is entitled "Erie Lackawanna's Deposit Pushers" giving his remembrance, through 35 mm slides and super 8 movies, when he worked as a locomotive fireman out of Deposit, New York on his regular assignment on the pushers. The time frame will cover from late May through late July, 1972 covering the old Erie Railroad's main lines between Deposit and Binghamton, New York running over both the Erie's Susquehanna and Delaware Divisions.

The event is scheduled for Thursday, May 21 7:00 at the Heritage Discovery Center, 100 Lee Street, Buffalo. —Staff

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